Municipality Rio Marina Elba Island

I comuni elbani
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Municipality Rio Marina Elba Island

Municipality Rio Marina
I comuni elbani

The country is located on the eastern side of the island in a small inlet surrounded by hills whose land, red by iron oxide, remember the rich mining past.
In this area the iron oxide extraction took place since the time of the Etruscans and was, along with fishing, the main activity of the inhabitants until a few decades ago.

Today Rio Marina is a seaside resort for the turismo.Il his town needs was formed in 1882, separated from Rio nell’Elba with which it still shares the story.
From the port there are connections with the mainland as an alternative to Portoferraio.

of historical and cultural interest are the Church of St. Rocco, the Tower of the Port and the Mineral Park of Elba Island.
In the municipality of Rio Marina is the town of reachable cable with a walking trail that leads to the charming Tonietti Mausoleum.
Other hamlets are Capo d’Arco, Ortano and Porticciolo.
Administratively it is part of the municipality of the island Palmaiola.

mining museum Elba
Open from April to October.
Here you can view the variety of minerals, about 1000 selected specimens, coming from different parts of Elba and visit the mines.
The island, in fact, from a geological point of view, is divided into 3 groups.
The west wing, where stands the Monte Capanne, it is mainly composed of granite, tourmaline, beryl, serpentine and porphyry.
The middle band is formed, to the east, of diabase and serpentine; West, of quartz porphyry, limestone, granite.

Rio MarinaLa eastern end, finally, presents a more complex composition: the southern part of Mount Calamita and the coast between Porto Azzurro and Rio Marina consists of Paleozoic mica, feldspar, quartz, tourmaline, marble, dolomite. In the Capoliveri area there are porphyry and calcareous masses; The northern part is the most extensive such as micaceous iron minerals, limonite and magnetite, there are also slate and carbon schists, sandstones and pudding Permian limestones of the Mesozoic.
The last iron mine was closed in October 1981.

Church of San Rocco
This oratory was built by the Prince of Piombino in 1570.

Tower of Porto
This tower with octagonal base was built by Giacomo V Appiano in 1534 as a lookout and defense system.

This location is a hamlet of Rio Marina, located in the extreme northern tip of Elba, at the foot of Monte Grosso.
It is a seaside resort, equipped for tourism, with a sandy beach that reaches Cape Castle, where there are the remains of a Roman villa of the first century A.D. and a beautiful coast cliff at Cape Castle comes up to Head of Life. The small port, as well as being the closest port for connections with the mainland, is provided of water and fuel for pleasure boats.
distinguished guest was Giuseppe Garibaldi in 1849, traveling to the island of Caprera, he made a brief stop in Cavo.

Mausoleum Tonietti
This unique construction in the Art Nouveau style which rises among the wild vegetation of the island, was designed by architect Gino Coppedè (Florence 1866 – Rome 1927) commissioned by the Tonietti family as a burial chapel.
The Tonietti were the first concessionaires of the iron mines of the eastern coast of Elba after the unity of Italy.
Among the works of Coppedè is reminiscent of Via Dora neighborhood in Rome.

the beaches
Cala Alga (sand and gravel), Cala Seregola (sand and pebbles), Fornacelle (sand and gravel), the cable Promenade (sand and rocks), Marina di Gennaro (sand and shingle), Ortano (sand and rocks) marina (sand and gravel), Rio Albano (sand), Rio Marina (sand and gravel), St. Bernard (sand and gravel), Topinetti (sand), Vigneria (sand and rocks).

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